Greenika Peppermint Carrier Essential Oil
Greenika Peppermint Carrier Essential Oil
Greenika Peppermint Carrier Essential Oil

Greenika Peppermint Carrier Essential Oil

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  • CLEARS RESPIRATORY TRACT: eppermint possesses natural-decongestant properties, when applied topically the oil relieves congestion of the chest. The pungent scent of the oil is known to eliminate nasal congestion, sinusitis as well. It is stated that this oil works by reducing the tension and relaxing the windpipe and hence, soothes the cough reflex shown by the body.
  • RELIEVES HEADACHE: Peppermint oil is effective against migraine as well as tension-related headaches. The menthol content works by easing the pain and promotes relaxation. The fragrance of the oil and its chemical constituents help in opening up the sinuses and enhance the oxygen flow. This oil is also known to relieve congestion and headaches caused by the severe cold.
  • BOOSTS ENERGY: Peppermint oil is among the most popular oils known to enhance concentration, give a definite focus, and considerably boost mental clarity
  • ALLEVIATES ANXIETY AND FEAR: The aroma of the peppermint oil is known to eliminate stress, improve memory retention, and promote relaxation. It induces alertness and brings clarity to a person’s thought process as well. It is also stated that this oil is known to improve the athletic ability of an individual, improve cognitive functioning, and increases the pain thresholds considerably. It even works to eliminate stress caused by anxiety or fear.
  • CLARIFIES IRRITATED OIL AND ITCHY SCALP: The peppermint oil is known to cleanse the skin and scalp. It promotes a balance in the oil content by combating excess oil secretion. Irritated skin caused by acne or any kind of allergies could also be healed gradually with its consistent use. Peppermint oil does not dry out the hair completely, when it reduces the excess oiliness it is known to effectively retain the required hydration.
  • RELIEVES PMS SYMPTOMS: Lack of motivation, extreme fatigue, tiredness, and confusion are very often seen by those with PMS. Since the aroma of this oil is specifically known for its invigorating and energizing ability, a sniff of it can vastly turn around your mood, enliven as well as boost your energy levels. It is also known to relieve nausea and bloating when diluted and applied over the stomach, thereby relaxing and eliminating any digestive related issues encountered during PMS.
  • INSECT REPELLENT: The terpene and menthol content of this oil works as a natural fumigant. Some studies state the usefulness of using this oil in repelling mosquitoes as well. Also, spiders could be eliminated with the use of this oil as its strong scent drives them away.
  • RELIEVES PAIN AND CRAMPS: As peppermint oil is known to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties, it works effectively as a pain reliever. It can soothe muscle cramps, joint pain, inflammation, and provides relief to sore muscles. The next time you face discomfort or cramps after any heavy workout, this oil could come handy. Also, it's known to give relief to migraine-related headaches and calms the mind.
  • AIDS IN DENTAL CARE: This Peppermint oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Hence, it even works against plaque formation, cleans the teeth efficiently, maintains healthy gums, and even solves bad breath. All these uses make it an effective and important ingredient in the manufacturing of tooth-paste and mouth-washes as well. It can even provide relief for inflammation and toothache caused by gingivitis.
  • ELIMINATES NAUSEA: The calming and soothing effect created by inhaling the Peppermint oil helps in relaxing the stomach muscles and facilitating the overall process of digestion. Any kind of cramping effect or over-contraction of the muscles that gives rise to nausea is also relaxed with the use of Peppermint oil.
  • RELIEVES ITCHING SENSATION: This oil is known to provide relief from itching caused by bug-bites, ivy, hives. Some people suffering from diabetes, liver, or kidney-related diseases also experience an itching sensation on the skin. Topical application of this oil (after dilution with a suitable carrier oil) assists in reducing this sensation.
  • FACILITATES HAIR GROWTH: Did you know that the pattern of baldness seen in male and females is usually a result of reduced blood flow to the hair follicles. Peppermint oil has vasodilation based properties due to the high menthol content. This increases the blood flow and allows blood circulation to the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth. The oil also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce dandruff related symptoms such as itchiness and scalp/hair dryness.